Ultra Premium Plus LED Bulbs (1 Pair)


HeartlandLEDs is proud to offer two options for high-power led bulbs.   Ultra Premium and Ultra Premium Plus bulbs.  These bulbs have two chips connected to a dual copper tube heat pipe and cooling system and are only 1.4mm apart.  They are designed to operate by balancing power between the chips to manage heat and brightness along with a Turbo Fan that is designed to last about 4 times longer than other less expensive bulbs on the market.  These upgrades combine to produce a longer-lasting, premium bulb at a competitive price.  Get yours today!

Rated for approximately 65W - 6000 lumen per bulb

Color - 6K pure white

Most popular sizes are available!

Covered by a 3-year warranty against malfunction or defect - (this does NOT cover issues related to vehicle-specific electrical issues such as CANBUS and OBC bulb out detection systems)


$ 124.99 $ 199.99

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