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ACCLAIMED: Morimoto Elite Systems are recognized throughout the automotive lighting industry as one of the best options in aftermarket-HID replacements. Unlike other kits you’ll find online that are thrown together with random components, the H10 HID conversion kits we carry include everything you require to upgrade your system from the aftermarket leader. Hear what other do-it-yourself auto enthusiasts are saying in unbiased Reviews and check the specs to find the kit that’s right for you.

ALL ABOUT OPTIONS: Whether you’re searching for a 9145 HID kit with XB 3000K bulbs or an H10 HID kit with 6500K bulbs, we offer solutions tailored to your requirements. View this helpful video for greater insight on each option that’s available to you as shown above.

HID BALLASTS: Ballasts are in many ways the heart of the H10/9145 HID conversion kit. With out them, there’s absolutely no way to ignite and continuously operate an HID bulb. The latest generation of Morimoto XB ballasts offer the perfect blend of industrial-edge styling and OEM good looks with razor sharp technology that maximizes input and output efficiency. Fast warm up times with low power requirements fewer than 5 Amps? Check! Smart design that eliminates electromagnetic radio interference and protects internal circuitry? You bet! Not all ballasts are created equal, and these XB ballasts make that painfully obvious in head-to-head comparisons.

H10 HID BULBS: Morimoto has been working to perfect the best HID bulb in the industry, and we have to say, they’re either pretty close or all the way there. An amazing upgrade with low beam, high beam, and fog light compatibility, these XB HID provided nearly identical luminosity when compared to impeccable Osram CBI bulbs at 5500K. From the perfectly aligned 100% Philips quartz glass capsule to the high-quality halide salts contained inside, Morimoto spared no expense on these beauties. Dropping a few extra bucks for a bulb of this quality is pretty much a no brainer.

HD RELAY HARNESS: It looks like the factory harness you’re replacing thanks to durable black tech-flex mesh that wraps around the 14-guage stranded copper wiring. Triple-sealed double 40A relays, over-molded fittings and plug-n-play functionality ensure it performs as good or better. Why invest in top notch light components and not go the distance with a quality wire harness? It’s a mute point, because Morimoto harnesses are the best on the market, adding even more value to this all-in-one kit.

CANBUS READY: Ever retrofit the lighting on a vehicle and get a “bulb out” warning signal? We have, and evidently so did the guys at Morimoto because they came up with a solution. H10 HID conversion kits come available with an optional Standalone Canbus harness that’s designed to provide the reliable wiring performance you require. It actually fools your car into thinking its system was never modified. Voilà! No annoying lights on your dashboard.

BACKED: Some online product guarantees are pretty much a joke. They’ll take care of any problem you have forever? Really? That’s if they’re still in business and you can reach them when the time comes. Our 5-year warranty on the entire kit* means we intend to stand behind the products we sell today and well into the future. These H10/9145 HID kits are built to run for 2,500 hours, and our guarantee covers every last minute. [*XB55 kits have 3-year warranty]

APPLAUDED: We searched the Internet to see how people felt about Morimoto HID upgrade kits. What we found was a small cult following. Check out a few of the install examples we discovered (1,2,3,4,5,6) of real enthusiasts working with a variety of generations of Elite HID Systems.

TRUSTED RELIABLE: At TRS, we’re proud to be the leading source of high performance auto lighting products. For lighting nerds like us, there’s nothing more rewarding than finding and testing the best products available on the market and offering them to you online at an unbeatable price. Interested in placing a wholesale order? Not sure which product or options are right for your project?

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