LED Switchbacks - Amber/White - 1 Pair


Included is 1 pair of 3157 base OR 7444 base amber/white switchback bulbs from @HeartlandLEDs.  These bulbs will run white to match all of your forward lighting and then flash amber when you hit the turn signal switch or flashers.  These are a simple and effective way to clean up and class up your ride! Get them today!

Bulb bases are standard 3157 or 7444 depending on which you choose.  They are designed to run white during "park" mode and flash white during "signal" mode.  


NOTE: LED Flashers or Resistor Harnesses will be needed to prevent "hyper flash" when replacing turn signal / blinker bulbs. In some cases, BCM tuning or flashers's can accomplish can be used instead of resistors.


**may substitute bulbs of the same or higher value during times of low inventory.  Will still perform the amber/white function.** 

$ 25.00

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