HeartlandLEDs Premium LED Bulbs (1 Pair)


Similar in size, but more powerful than our silver CREE bulbs, these Premium LED bulbs set the new standard when it comes to brightness, size, and beam pattern. These HeartlandLEDs bulbs run a quieter fan, with LED chips that more closely match the standard halogen bulb filament, providing a brighter, more focused beam in reflector and projector housings. They produce a night shattering 5000 raw lumen EACH!  That is a total lumen output of 10000 lumen per pair! Couple that with the quieter fan, better chip placement, and small size and you have some of the nicest bulbs on the market!  Get yours today!

Dual Beam bulbs boast another set of chips to increase light output when high beams are activated! 

Color: 6K - pure white

Power - 30W  - 5000 Lumen per bulb - 10000 per pair!



Covered by a 2 year warranty against malfunction or defect - (this does NOT cover issues related to vehicle specific electrical issues such as CANBUS and OBC bulb out detection systems)

$ 89.99 $ 149.99

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