C9 E17 Socket Light Spool


These spools are designed large or custom installations of Christmas lights.  They are 1000ft long rolls of E17 sockets for the C9 bulb.  They have 1000 sockets placed 12" apart.  There are no plug ends so that you may cut cords to custom lengths.  Plugs are sold separately.

  • Sockets spaced 12" apart
  • 1000 sockets
  • 1000' of green line
  • SPT-1
  • 18 gauge wire
  • 110/120V
  • Indoor/outdoor
Max Load: 8 Amps
Max Run: 250 ft or 250 LED bulbs, whichever comes first


Total number of bulbs x Amps per bulb = Total Amps
Amps per bulb = Watts/Volts


$ 299.99 $ 435.00

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