2015+ Ford F150 LED Kit (LED Headlight Equipped)


Have a brand new 2015+ Ford F150 with the latest gear but standard old halogen fog lights?  Then HeartlandLEDs has package to upgrade your ride and its look!  This kit will replace your dingy halogen fog light bulbs with powerful, crisp white LED bulbs and your tag light housings complete with built-in LED chips.  Everything to make your truck stand out from the crowd!

 Whats Included:

  • 1 pair 9140 LED Bulbs (Fogs)
  • Ford F150 LED Tag Light Housings
  • 921 80W CREE Reverse Lights


LED Headlight/fog bulbs are covered by a 2 year warranty - (this does NOT cover issues related to vehicle specific electrical issues such as CANBUS and OBC bulb out detection systems which may cause flickering, bulbs to turn off, etc.) All small automotive bulbs come with a 1 year warranty.

$ 124.99 $ 139.99

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