2015+ Chevrolet Silverado HID Low / LED Highs & Fogs Combo Kit


This kit includes everything you need to outfit the headlights and fog lights of your brand new body style Chevrolet Silverado with the absolute best solution for your projector headlights without retrofitting.  This kit includes HeartlandLEDs plug and play LED lights for the high beam and fog lights and Diode Dynamics HIDs for your low beam projector lights -- all for a one click, package price!  HID bulbs do require a hole in the dust cover to run wiring out of the back of the lamp.

 Whats Included:

  • 1 pair H11 Diode Dynamics HID Bulbs (Headlight - low beams)
  • 1 pair HD Harnesses from Diode Dynamics
  • 1 pair 9005 LED Bulbs (Headlight - high beams)
  • 1 pair 5202 LED Bulbs (Fogs)


LED bulbs are covered by a 2 year warranty - (this does NOT cover issues related to vehicle specific electrical issues such as CANBUS and OBC bulb out detection systems which may cause flickering, bulbs to turn off, etc.)  Diode Dynamics HID's and products are covered under the manufacturer warranty they offer at the time of sale.


$ 339.98 $ 359.98

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